10 Reasons why there will be nothing that will be able to replace Oxidized earrings!

Oxidized earrings

Oxidized earrings are traditionally known to be Indians that were first created in India. Oxidized earrings were considered as dull earrings that were generally worn by those that couldn’t afford good quality earrings. Street vendors even today sell oxidized earrings in several rural parts of India.

oxidized earrings
oxidized earrings

There are several kinds earrings that completely went off the grid since they got outdated and became designs that either people got bored of or due to commonality people just didn’t want to wear them anymore. There are literally thousands of designs that have just lost its footing in the jewellery world but not oxidized earrings.

Oxidized earrings have not just sustained and survived all these years but have completely surpassed expectations and have become a legendary timeless style which in my opinion will never vanish. So now without any further ado let’s just jump on to the 10 reasons!

  1. Poverty in India:

Oxidized earrings in India will continue to remain in India at least for the next 20 years since poverty is one of the biggest concerns in all of India. From when India existed as a single nation, poverty existed even then. Oxidized earrings were a result of creating a style of earrings that was cheap and easy to create. In rural parts of India even today oxidized jhumkis are sold at prices that are absolutely unimaginable by any entity that sells oxidized earring and that is how cheap these earrings truly are.

  •  Cultural Value

Oxidized earrings are well known for where they come from. But no one knew that they’d become such an integral part of the Hindu cultural value. Oxidized earrings or jhumkis are today worn by those that are unmarried. Although customs in rural parts of India are changing to a massive extend. Today oxidized earrings are even worn by those that are married as wearing them for years and suddenly not wearing them when you are married is certainly not something that everyone would agree on, atleast I wouldn’t. Hence the culture that taught them that how beautiful oxidized earrings are will continue to make them belief to not ever give up on them since they never give up on us.

  • Quality

Although the quality of an oxidized earring may differ from seller to seller, but the standard of the oxidized earrings in general is actually pretty astounding and that how a beautiful pair can cost so low. Oxidized earrings are hence a poor person’s favourite style of earring and without a doubt web-stores like SilverShine sell beautiful quality built earrings that are priced as close to its value as possible. There are several different kinds of materials that oxidized earrings are made from.

For example: pure 925 silver, stainless steel, brasss, pewter and nickel.

  • Timeless Designs

The designs of oxidized earrings are generally very similar to each other. They are unique in a very subtle manner and one can always compare two different pairs of earrings and say that they truly belong together. This timeless design of oxidized earrings is what has kept them alive for the centuries that it has persisted for.

  • Inspiration

So for several years of the 21st century Indian artists tried to look for inspiration outside of India, and it isn’t that jewellery cultures do not exist outside of India, but the fact is that the kind of cultural love towards jewellery art India has, in my opinion it simply not incomparable. India is too far ahead in the process, several Indian designs itself have become legendary over the years. These artists when finally turned back to India it nearly shocked them. The innermost parts of India where oxidized earrings were made came to be known as one of the most prominent sources of inspirations. The new artists were truly inspired and had discovered that oxidized earrings were truly the kind of inspiration that they needed.

  • New Fashion  Design

Oxidized earrings soon began to become a very popular style of jewellery and became quite visible on ramp walks. These were designs that made by inspired artists by giving them their own touch yet keeping the elements of oxidized earrings intact and not changing them drastically and making them into something that no one would ever recognize as a oxidized earrings.