8 Patterns of Silver Earrings Online for your daily wear!

pure silver earrings online

Probably only a few years ago we couldn’t even imagine ourselves wearing silver earrings for your daily wear. What seriously? You didn’t know that? Okay, no problem i’ll explain you before I actually get to the patterns themselves.

pure silver earrings online
pure silver earrings online

Over the past few years thanks to a lot of scientific experimentation we have been in a position to thankfully be able to create pure silver earrings  in India that do not turn black under normal atmospheric conditions. We have achieved this by applying a coating of rhodium on the outer most layer of the silver earrings. Rhodium protects the silver underneath and eliminates its interactions with the normal atmosphere. Previously in conditions where rhodium was absent, the silver would react with the sulphur present in the atmosphere and create a black tarnish layer called silver sulphide. Now this isn’t a harmful substance but the silver earrings would simply not look as appealing anymore. It is a fairly easy process to remove the tarnish within minutes but the fast paced world people would rather go with something that they’d have to spend even a few minutes to clean when they clearly have an option where they don’t have to go through this minor hassle.

Today nearly all pure silver earrings online are rhodium plated and hence they keep the silver earrings protected and enable its users to instead of storing them away out of fear and only occasionally using them, to now wear them on their daily wear to offices or universities.

Pearl Earrings

Any place you see an amalgamation of pearl and silver earrings, there is no doubt about the fact that it is going to look unquestionably ravishing. The sheer combination of even a single pearl on each of the two silver earrings  of a pair looks absolutely mesmerising.

Ivory pearls and silver itself are two materials that individually look extremely elegant. I don’t mean to say that every combination of two elegant jewellery components is going to look super amazing but that is true in the case of pearls and pure silver earrings.

Today one can easily visit on any credible online webstore of silver earrings and one might surely find silver earring online with a pearl on it. One can buy silver earrings online of such kind at generally prices that are pre-existing in the physical world since an online web-store has the liberty to lower the prices since they at time eliminate middle men, and at the same time do not have any of the establishment expenses. Their silver earrings online shopping is more of value shopping then trying our best to bargain for every piece that we thing of placing our finger on.

Shape Drop Earrings

So what exactly are shape drop earrings? Well in a world we are all looking for complex and intricate patterns of drop earrings, that are some that just need simple shape silver earrings online. Shapes like leaves, fishes and stars. They don’t just want simple designs of these styles of silver earrings online, but they need variations in designs too. They wish that some webstore truly created unique and distinct silver earrings that are truly some of the most unique designs based on timeless designs like the leaf, fish and start silver earrings.

Diamond Stone Earrings

Wait what? This exists? Yes, today there are rhodium plated pure sterling silver earrings online which are studded with beautiful diamond stones which are either solitaire stones or American diamonds depending on what stone fits best. But yes, if you are new to knowing this, just to tell you this has existed for several years, and such earrings look beautifully stunning and shoppers literally flock online to buy the best silver earrings with diamond stones before the best pieces of a collection just read the words “Out of Stock”.

Flower earrings

Flowers don’t carry much weight do they? Flower earrings are some of the most beautiful and timeless styles that can ever be created. May it be the darkened look of an oxidized silver earring of a flower design, or a dazzling flower silver earring online design, they equally look beautiful and elegant and are easily available online.

Geometric earrings

This is very different from shape earrings. If you are finding silver earrings online for shopping that have very visible shapes like hexagone, square and mostly geometrical shapes with corners (not round earrings) which are created from pure sterling silver then, just go for them. These unique designs just simply won’t be available on many web-stores. I think these designs are available on a web-store called the SilverShine web-store, but thats all that I know of.

I hope you found this helpful and insightful!

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