Fashion earrings for LGBT – A Story of coming out of that closet!

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Hey there! Yes you are exactly for whom I am writing this article for! Let’s celebrate the fact that you were able to come out of that closet in a country like India. Look honestly I had no clue who were too. I am not going to share my gender identity with you but will surely tell you that I was a bi-curious for way too many years, when I was finally able to discern what I love it was because of fashion earrings. And you know exactly how it feels to be able to tell your parents, that they mom and dad thats who I am!

fashion earrings

This is my story of 1973 of how I came out of that closet and how a pair of fashion earrings that I bought online made it absolutely easy for me. The truth is I always felt like I wasn’t a part of anything. I actually liked a girl in my school who was so beautiful and all I remember about her were her colourful fashion earrings. Its actually pretty crazy that how big a mark her colourful fashion earrings left on me. The thing was I was confused because I liked staring at a guy at my bus stop while the girl from my school would wear these beautiful rainbow fashion earrings at the same tuition classes that we went for. I was in a very weird place where dressing like that girl didn’t agree with and at same time i genuinely liked the guy from the bus stop. Life moved from high school to university. I still remained closeted. By now I knew I wasn’t straight. It was the year 1977 now, and 4 years down the line I still remembered the girl who had beautiful colourful fashion earrings or maybe they were some artificial fashion earrings, memories had nearly completely faded about her, but the most important things about her were to stay with me for the rest of my life, while the guy from the bus stand had a smile which you’d end up creating a yard stick of and compare with other smiles (i know that’s not right but come on we all do that.)

Year 1977, my parents were in San Francisco and I was being raised in India, now becoming a place of total aliens to me who called me words like “you’re not a girl, you’re a guy! You were born wrong! Etc”. I took it all, and some how started inclining towards art and started creating the colourful fashion earrings on several canvases. The memory of the shape of those earrings was completely gone by now, and the only element that actually stayed with me was the fact that they were colours that were so different from each other, but were all so at peace with each other nearly respecting while staying together. I don’t why I connected with that, but I soon found out why.

I think my dad had sensed to a certain extent that I was gay. The colourful fashion earrings or I dont know what were they, maybe colourful artificial earrings had now just turned into colours. I found out that they just made me feel alive. At times I spoke to those colours. I cried with them, I put my head into my art and slept into them. I felt like they understood me. The memory of the guy at the bus stand still lingered but the colours of the fashion earrings had just over powered it a little right now, since I had turned a teenager and was at my peak high with emotions, and was actually going through enough trying to discover my gender while others just saying mean things to me.

My dad emailed me a picture that he had shot in the subsequent year of art created by a now world famous artist named Gilbert Baker. The picture had a rainbow of different colours painted inside a human silhouette. I cried that they because I knew what it meant without knowing what it meant.

I went to my nearest accessory store and found a colourful pair of fashion earrings, bought them, created a FedEx package and mailed them to my dad. After a month and a half I received a letter from him saying, i am so proud of you, and i will always love you and that’s how I came out of  that closet! I know you might have a much harder time coming out of that closet but this is how it happened for me and that’s all thanks to a pair of fashion earrings.

This what I think, there maybe a different reason to why I was actually attracted to that pair of fashion earrings. Maybe it wasn’t the fashion earrings; maybe it was the colour of the fashion earrings that just brought me back again and again to it. It is truly strange how I connected with the fashion earrings unknowingly and what it meant to me later on in life.

10 Reasons why there will be nothing that will be able to replace Oxidized earrings!

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Oxidized earrings are traditionally known to be Indians that were first created in India. Oxidized earrings were considered as dull earrings that were generally worn by those that couldn’t afford good quality earrings. Street vendors even today sell oxidized earrings in several rural parts of India.

oxidized earrings
oxidized earrings

There are several kinds earrings that completely went off the grid since they got outdated and became designs that either people got bored of or due to commonality people just didn’t want to wear them anymore. There are literally thousands of designs that have just lost its footing in the jewellery world but not oxidized earrings.

Oxidized earrings have not just sustained and survived all these years but have completely surpassed expectations and have become a legendary timeless style which in my opinion will never vanish. So now without any further ado let’s just jump on to the 10 reasons!

  1. Poverty in India:

Oxidized earrings in India will continue to remain in India at least for the next 20 years since poverty is one of the biggest concerns in all of India. From when India existed as a single nation, poverty existed even then. Oxidized earrings were a result of creating a style of earrings that was cheap and easy to create. In rural parts of India even today oxidized jhumkis are sold at prices that are absolutely unimaginable by any entity that sells oxidized earring and that is how cheap these earrings truly are.

  •  Cultural Value

Oxidized earrings are well known for where they come from. But no one knew that they’d become such an integral part of the Hindu cultural value. Oxidized earrings or jhumkis are today worn by those that are unmarried. Although customs in rural parts of India are changing to a massive extend. Today oxidized earrings are even worn by those that are married as wearing them for years and suddenly not wearing them when you are married is certainly not something that everyone would agree on, atleast I wouldn’t. Hence the culture that taught them that how beautiful oxidized earrings are will continue to make them belief to not ever give up on them since they never give up on us.

  • Quality

Although the quality of an oxidized earring may differ from seller to seller, but the standard of the oxidized earrings in general is actually pretty astounding and that how a beautiful pair can cost so low. Oxidized earrings are hence a poor person’s favourite style of earring and without a doubt web-stores like SilverShine sell beautiful quality built earrings that are priced as close to its value as possible. There are several different kinds of materials that oxidized earrings are made from.

For example: pure 925 silver, stainless steel, brasss, pewter and nickel.

  • Timeless Designs

The designs of oxidized earrings are generally very similar to each other. They are unique in a very subtle manner and one can always compare two different pairs of earrings and say that they truly belong together. This timeless design of oxidized earrings is what has kept them alive for the centuries that it has persisted for.

  • Inspiration

So for several years of the 21st century Indian artists tried to look for inspiration outside of India, and it isn’t that jewellery cultures do not exist outside of India, but the fact is that the kind of cultural love towards jewellery art India has, in my opinion it simply not incomparable. India is too far ahead in the process, several Indian designs itself have become legendary over the years. These artists when finally turned back to India it nearly shocked them. The innermost parts of India where oxidized earrings were made came to be known as one of the most prominent sources of inspirations. The new artists were truly inspired and had discovered that oxidized earrings were truly the kind of inspiration that they needed.

  • New Fashion  Design

Oxidized earrings soon began to become a very popular style of jewellery and became quite visible on ramp walks. These were designs that made by inspired artists by giving them their own touch yet keeping the elements of oxidized earrings intact and not changing them drastically and making them into something that no one would ever recognize as a oxidized earrings.

8 Patterns of Silver Earrings Online for your daily wear!

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Probably only a few years ago we couldn’t even imagine ourselves wearing silver earrings for your daily wear. What seriously? You didn’t know that? Okay, no problem i’ll explain you before I actually get to the patterns themselves.

pure silver earrings online
pure silver earrings online

Over the past few years thanks to a lot of scientific experimentation we have been in a position to thankfully be able to create pure silver earrings  in India that do not turn black under normal atmospheric conditions. We have achieved this by applying a coating of rhodium on the outer most layer of the silver earrings. Rhodium protects the silver underneath and eliminates its interactions with the normal atmosphere. Previously in conditions where rhodium was absent, the silver would react with the sulphur present in the atmosphere and create a black tarnish layer called silver sulphide. Now this isn’t a harmful substance but the silver earrings would simply not look as appealing anymore. It is a fairly easy process to remove the tarnish within minutes but the fast paced world people would rather go with something that they’d have to spend even a few minutes to clean when they clearly have an option where they don’t have to go through this minor hassle.

Today nearly all pure silver earrings online are rhodium plated and hence they keep the silver earrings protected and enable its users to instead of storing them away out of fear and only occasionally using them, to now wear them on their daily wear to offices or universities.

Pearl Earrings

Any place you see an amalgamation of pearl and silver earrings, there is no doubt about the fact that it is going to look unquestionably ravishing. The sheer combination of even a single pearl on each of the two silver earrings  of a pair looks absolutely mesmerising.

Ivory pearls and silver itself are two materials that individually look extremely elegant. I don’t mean to say that every combination of two elegant jewellery components is going to look super amazing but that is true in the case of pearls and pure silver earrings.

Today one can easily visit on any credible online webstore of silver earrings and one might surely find silver earring online with a pearl on it. One can buy silver earrings online of such kind at generally prices that are pre-existing in the physical world since an online web-store has the liberty to lower the prices since they at time eliminate middle men, and at the same time do not have any of the establishment expenses. Their silver earrings online shopping is more of value shopping then trying our best to bargain for every piece that we thing of placing our finger on.

Shape Drop Earrings

So what exactly are shape drop earrings? Well in a world we are all looking for complex and intricate patterns of drop earrings, that are some that just need simple shape silver earrings online. Shapes like leaves, fishes and stars. They don’t just want simple designs of these styles of silver earrings online, but they need variations in designs too. They wish that some webstore truly created unique and distinct silver earrings that are truly some of the most unique designs based on timeless designs like the leaf, fish and start silver earrings.

Diamond Stone Earrings

Wait what? This exists? Yes, today there are rhodium plated pure sterling silver earrings online which are studded with beautiful diamond stones which are either solitaire stones or American diamonds depending on what stone fits best. But yes, if you are new to knowing this, just to tell you this has existed for several years, and such earrings look beautifully stunning and shoppers literally flock online to buy the best silver earrings with diamond stones before the best pieces of a collection just read the words “Out of Stock”.

Flower earrings

Flowers don’t carry much weight do they? Flower earrings are some of the most beautiful and timeless styles that can ever be created. May it be the darkened look of an oxidized silver earring of a flower design, or a dazzling flower silver earring online design, they equally look beautiful and elegant and are easily available online.

Geometric earrings

This is very different from shape earrings. If you are finding silver earrings online for shopping that have very visible shapes like hexagone, square and mostly geometrical shapes with corners (not round earrings) which are created from pure sterling silver then, just go for them. These unique designs just simply won’t be available on many web-stores. I think these designs are available on a web-store called the SilverShine web-store, but thats all that I know of.

I hope you found this helpful and insightful!

Fashion Earrings – Trends from Saas Bahu Tv Shows!

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Amidst all the suspense lie their beautiful fashion earrings. Amidst all their drama and acting dangle their spectacular fashion earrings. Amidst the cultural romance lie the girl’s hoopy fashion earrings. And amidst the belittling quarrels between the saas and bahu the tantalizing fashion earrings steal the show.

fashion earrings online
fashion earrings online

I am a 22 year old who’s mother watches Saas Bahu TV shows which means, I at times end up watching them too since that’s how I get to spend time with her. Whilst watching all kinds of dramas, twists and turns throughout countless episodes my mother would suddenly pop with a question while there is some serious drama going on in the episode to a point where inspite of not liking Saas Bahu Shows for some ridiculous reason even I am hooked, and my mom says “She’s got beautiful fashion earrings right?”. And that’s when I turn towards my mom, let that question sync in and tell how can she do that, think of such questions while so much drama is going on...

And now after gluing my eyes back to the screen now my brain is asking me the same questions which is so annoying. But damn it! Those fashion earrings were just so beautiful. And then after a while I towards her and tell her that yes they are amazing! And we ended up laughing.

The thing is these shows look too beautiful, and they are made to create several kinds of fashion trends. Sometimes it really does feel it isn’t a story anymore, it is a propaganda to manipulate and hook people onto the story for the beautiful fashion earrings and other flashy stuff. Whoa I feel manipulated.

Several trends have been introduced using Saas Bahu TV Shows, may it long heavy jhumkis, extremely long and heavy danglers, etc. At times they seems to outrageous but yet people actually try looking for them and wear them and imitate their styles and it does look pretty good at times.

Wait a second! I hope you don’t think these are made from precious metals like gold. If that’s the case you are in for a real surprise my friend they are absolutely so not! Wow for a person who dislikes watching them, I know a lot about them. The thing is, I am from Mumbai and have worked on similar kind of a TV show as an assistant director for a friend for a few episodes. It is so much fun shooting these episodes because they are almost made to be over-dramatized because that’s how they hook people into it. Its like creating a movie script and dividing it into several months worth of episodes, yes that’s how much they drag the entire story line, which they compensate for by creating extreme dramatization of the most miniscule events in the show.

Anyways getting back to the fashion earrings, they are all fake. They are probably made from brass, pewter or nickel. They may be fake but the gold plating done is of a good quality. Although on several occasions the jewellery is often grazed and scratched and is yet used by hiding those parts of the fashion earrings. You can buy such elaborate jhumka pieces for as low as 300-400 bucs. That’s the thing, when we look at these we often think these people have extremely big budgets and their fashion earring and fashion jewellery are very expensive and can’t be afforded by a middle class person. As a matter of fact to bring the costs further down these production houses many a times buy fashion earrings online at massive flat discounts. I remember one of my friends being on the budgeting committee of the jewellery purchase team on one of these shows (yes they need a team for that) and their budgets are often so miserably low that one might just laugh that what would possibly come in such a meagre amount. But thats the thing fashion earrings online and imitation earrings online are made of the aforementioned cheap but durable materials which can actually take a good amount of wear and tear. These are made from extremely durable materials. Several times such TV Shows also receive jewellery sponsors where jewellery brands provide them jewellery maybe for a small fees or on barter basis so as to have a mention in their credits as a sponsor for their fashion earrings.

What is the True Potential of Silver Toe Rings?

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Toe rings are for the foot fetish. Toe rings are for the ones that find intimacy in feet.” That is so not true. Yes those that have a foot fetish love toe rings. But it does not mean that only those love silver toe rings.

Today there are numerous people that wear toe rings, and it is an accessory just like anything else. You really don’t need to have a foot fetish to wear or appreciate one. As a human any one can truly appreciate silver toe rings. But somewhere it has always been a very under-rated product and I am writing this blog with the intention to create a little bit of awareness of silver toe rings.

Silver toe rings online were once popular in the streets of India, and are today popular all over the world. Today several Indian silver toe ring sellers have managed to create quality web-stores and sell designs online outside India. Indian silver Toe rings online are far more appreciated in countries like the USA as compared to our home ground.

Silver toe rings have alot of potential and I am going to lay it down infront of your to understand that the perception of silver toe rings that you have in mind may be very limited as I have been researching about silver toe rings for the month now and I have managed to gather some of the most popular designs of silver toe rings online. I truly never knew that silver toe rings could actually have this much potential. Please keep reading...

Single Solitaire Diamond Silver Toe Ring

These are some of the most beautifully intimate designs of the entire lot. Single diamond toe rings are extremely gorgeous, nearly as beautiful as pretty engagement rings for girls. They look very charming and is a foot fetisher favourite although it is very appreciable even by those that aren’t that much into feet.

Oxidized silver toe rings

These beautiful silver toe rings are one of the oldest designs. I included these in this list incase you were aware that these are one of most highly purchase silver toe rings online today. From fashion enthusiasts and models to fashion designers and common people are wearing these kinds of oxidized silver toe rings bought online.

Gemstone silver toe rings online

I didn’t know this was a thing. But apparently it is. Yes, just like you have rings that are made of gemstones for cleansing your aura and other thing, you have gemstone silver toe rings that could be bought online. These beautiful silver toe rings have recently gained popularity in movies and web-series.

Rose gold silver toe rings.

Ever since Steve Jobbs introduced the rare rose gold iPhone 6S into the Apple ecosystem the internet completely blew its minds over the colour rose gold. All kinds of things began to be created in the same colour. Positive memes began to flow in about the colour rose gold and the internet completely got flooded with memes about the rose gold colour. Most women began to order all kinds of rose gold jewellery online and suddenly there I saw a silver rose gold toe ring online on, and damn, it looked flawless.

My wife and I chose some toe rings online that night and ended up ordering a several designs because she loves wearing silver toe rings and love removing them, if you know what I mean.

There is a completely different attraction in removing toe rings. It is very satisfying.

Anyways, you can easily buy rose gold silver toe rings online without any hesitance by visiting or any other web-store for that matter.

The true potential of silver toe ring designs online lies in the simplicity and beauty that they enhance of mundane feet. A clean foot that has undergone a good pedicure treatment looks absolutely speckless with a pure silver toe ring on. Pure silver toe rings online have a lot of potential and are truly making strides in coutries like USA and Australia where jewellery created by Indan ethnic artist is highly appreciated.

Silver Anklet – How is it different to buy it online?

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Silver anklets have been sold at your nearest accessories store for as long as you know. Today not just these stores by several other jewellery brands have gotten their web-stores online up and running are making a run towards the online world and selling silver anklet designs and silver payal designs for bride. This brings about a poles apart experience from going to a physical store, trying your silver anklets or silver payal designs with price in the store to visiting a web-store from within the palm of your hands and purchasing it while you are on the go or relaxing in the comfort of yourblanket.

Silver anklets

Various designs

An online web-store will always have much more designs than that of a physical store. Well not necessarily, it completely depends on the inventory. But certainly there is a possibility that one may have a better chance at deferring risk in terms of an online web-store. The physical store keeper will certainly have buy all the silver anklets and silver payal designs that he is showing to his customers to make a sale.

Price difference

This is the most obvious. Imagine the amount that it takes to first setting up a physical store for selling silver anklets and silver payal designs for brides with their price. Now imagine how much you can cut down on costs if you are setting up an online business.

All the cut down costs can easily bring profit margins up. A percentage of this profit is always transferred to customers either as offers or as flat discounts. This attracts more customers hence a majority percentage of opportunity cost is re-invested as marketing costs and given back to customers in form of discounts. This gives you the edge for being competitive.

What is the convenience difference?

There is a difference almost equivalent to the difference between sky and ground. Imagine fighting the traffic for hours and hours on your weekend and visiting a web-store ruining your only well deserved weekend that came after working diligently for 6 days of the week making it almost impossible to rest all week. And now finally when the weekend has arrived, well its ruined because you need to buy some silver anklets or silver payals. Weekends are meant to distress you and prepare you for the next weekend. This is exactly what you get with a web-store when you get online and place an order on your favourite silver anklets and silver payal designs for brides or even for anything else.

Social circles

Ofcourse this is something that would never be possible if you actually took your friend to shop with you. Sharing each and every silver anklet or silver payal design over WhatsApp can be sometimes difficult because there’ s sometimes this unspoken pressure when the sales guy is standing there waiting for you take a call whether you need the silver anklet or silver payal or not. If you have a smartphone, web-stores like provide facilities like sharing against each product where you can easily send from anywhere any product on their web-store and ask for an advise from your friends or family for a lot of products and they can too send it at a convenient time. Because it isn’t always that you have need an immediate response do you?


No silver anklet or silver payal physical store will ever deliver you jewels to your doorstep. But guess what most web-stores do. Just think! The only two things that you’d ever have to do are place an order online and wait for those beautiful anklets to be delivered.

Personal Touch

Ofcourse this is something that most web-stores simply don’t provide and that is the personal touch. One can’t simply touch the anklets or payals before he or she buys one. For this some web-stores give a 15 days return policy which keeps customers relaxed about the fact that if they don’t like it they could return it and exchange it for a different one. This completely relaxes most customers that truly intend to shop a lot of anklets online. There are very less web-stores that provide this kind of a service and hence SilverShine is truly one of a kind.

Why a Silver payal is better than any other kind of payal?

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Any day silver payals and silver anklets are better than any other kind of payals or anklets made from any other material. You might truly wonder how I am able to make this kind of a sweeping declaration. I have worked in the jewellery industry for the past 18 years. My family today wears all kinds of silver anklets and silver payals not because I ask them to wear them but because they know what silver can offer today unlike just a few years back.

silver anklets designs

The materialin the silver payal or silver anklets until a few years ago was easily susceptible to turning black and tarnish formation. Today its a completely different story. So keep reading while i lay down the different reasons as to why silver payal or silver anklets are much better than a payal made from different materials other than silver.

Various Rhodium Plated Silver Anklets and Silver Payal Designs

Rhodium plating or rhodium covering is a procedure of covering the whole external layer of an any metal for our situation the silver anklets or silver payal designs with the rhodium metal. Rhodium is an stable metal, for example it stays non-reactive and does not respond under ordinary climatic conditions. Rhodium covering can absolutely wear off, however that time you'd have had your money’s worth which should be atleast on for 3-4 years depending on your usage.

Silver anklets or silver payal must be kept put away in a dampness free box or else they will form  a black layer even if they are in a box. Ideally, ziplock plastic sacks, or wooden dampness free boxes would be an incredible choice. Always remove them following you using it and do not sit tight for the following day as perspiration or whatever else can without much of a stretch cause discolouration and make it black on the silver anklets and silver payal designs. 

Silver payals and silver anklet designs are generally very reasonable. Silver is generally a much moderate material and consequently silver payals and silver anklets are unmistakably more reasonable than ornaments created from valuable metals like gold. 

One can without much of a stretch wear any sort of silver anklets or silver payal structures on most clothing types

Can be worn on different sorts of events with the exception of memorial services:

These can without much of a stretch be worn on various types of events, similar to I previously said silver anklets or silver payals look totally flawless on ladies, and thus payal plans for ladies are simply faultless. You may likewise wear them on design occasions, style parties, social affairs with companions, and so forth yet certainly not on burial services.  Rhodium plates silver anklets structures can be effectively worn once a day to office. Because of its affordablility you could without much of a stretch the same number of as you'd like. Go crazy! 

Can be effectively purchased at a cheap silver anklet or silver payal price on the web: 

Today most online web-stores like (a web-store by the brand SilverShine) give a totally rhodium plated gathering since they don't make for gems boxes, yet for you. Since silver anklets and silver payal designs with cost are incredibly reasonable, this makes refreshing style simple and achieves an alternative to continue changing and not wearing a similar sort of anklet or payal for quite a long time. 

Measurements of the Anklets or Payals

Sizes are commonly an all size which makes it exceptionally simple to impart it to your companions or kin. Relatively few issues in the event that you don't have an excessively huge or very little measured foot. I that case there are consistently accumulations, yet its best to test and purchase.

Experimentation to create designs is much easier

Since these are relatively affordable, it makes them much easier to be experimented on. Gold jewellery cannot be experimented with since gold is a very expensive precious metal. Imagine experimenting with gold where you are trying different designs, you’d end up losing nearly hundreds and thousands of dollars only while experimenting. And hence even at times gold plated silver anklets or silver payals are created to understand how they’d look if they were in gold before a final product is created.

How did toe rings become popular in the USA?

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Toe rings have a long heritage in India. It has been known for several decades that toe rings grew popularity in India by the Indian culture. They grew more popular after the Kamasutra movie which introduced a lot of scenes of the feet to signify intimacy. The feet were well dressed in henna and toe rings. This nearly instantly grew popularity in the Indian culture for silver toe rings.

silver toe rings online
silver toe rings online

Also in Northern Indian it has been ancient culture that a married woman is supposed to wear a toe ring in the feet as a sign of commitment towards her husband. Incase a woman loses her husband and for some reason he dies then in that case the lady will have to remove her silver toe rings and burn them in fire to purify herself. Ofcourse these are age old norms that most don’t follow today. But there are people in villages that still take such customs and norms very seriously and preach them on a daily basis.

For the most part India has completely changed today with the advent of high speed internet by Jio in the year 2016, some of the most remote places have managed to gain access to the internet. While in the urban cities jewellers began to open web-stores online which grew the popularity of silver toe rings by large strides. And now several Indian silver toe ring web-stores are going completely global and are introducing toe rings to those that have not the slightest idea about it. It may take some time to accept or even try them out, but I am just happy that the foot fetishes are going to completely adore silver toe rings online.

The online world has completely changed the whole game of silver toe rings. Today a person sitting in America can easily access silver toe rings are that being made in an urban city inside a house by women. Yes it is that global.

So how did toe rings become popular in America...well the answer to that is Bollywood, although the above made silver toe rings online more accessible in the USA. Accessibility grew its popularity yet again, and the several kinds of designs and innovations like free size toe rings, etc have completely blown minds of the USA over pure silver toe rings online.

Today actors in broadway shows in New York, brides in USA, dancers at LA, Drag queens at LA are wearing toe rings from India. As an Indian i couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a drag queen in North Las Vegas performing wearing a toe ring and I was completely shocked. After her performance I insisted on meeting her in person and luckily she liked me because I was an Indian. I ended up asking her where did she get that toe ring. She said, “ Oh I got this fabulous baby of an Indian jewellery website”, so obviously i was going to ask her which website it was. She said it was She said “these were actually toe rings for girls probably just created for them, but the internet doesn’t care who wears them right. I am a transgender drag queen so what!”. Well she was a very beautiful person, and I ended up telling her most of the things that i have till now written in this blog about silver toe rings for girls onine. She patiently heard. We connected well, and left the conversation to that. But what I carried with me was an understanding that how far it may be, may the world know about our heritage or not, but they certainly do end up falling in love with the designs of our toe rings online.

They appreciate and understand that it is difficult to design and create impeccable handcrafted toe rings and then sell them online and ship them globablly. The particular web-store that she mentioned has recently opened a US based and provides beautiful pure silver toe ring designs online. Absolutely impeccable collections they have. I will always cherish this fact that our Indians are going global and will always remember that I actually met a drag queen in LA having a show worth millions of dollars wearing a silver toe ring bought online, that is created by a villager in India.

How silver bracelets made a fashion comeback?

by on August 31st, 2019 in Fashion and Shopping

How silver bracelets made a fashion comeback?

It’s not like silver bracelets were ever out of fashion, but the true meaning of a fashion comeback is making news, becoming bigger deal than ever. Today several silver bracelets are sold online by numerous silver bracelet web-stores. It is evident that the reason that they are flying off shelves is exactly why they are putting in efforts to sell them online. So why are all of a sudden silver bracelets flying off shelves. Well relax and read while I convey you how this happened gradually and not all of a sudden.

Silver Bracelets have always remained a personal favourite of several people simply due to its affordability inspite of being a beautiful precious metal that simply can’t be substituted by any other. The place of silver bracelets can’t be replaced even by silver-plated silver bracelet for girl

. The matte finished radiance that silver bracelets emit is absolutely unmatchable by any other metal.

But how did silver make its way into more hearts now?

Well I could explain you with a single word i.e. “evolve” but it just simply wouldn’t be enough and wouldn’t be fair to let you dangle like this. So keep reading...

Silver Bracelet for Girl Sold Online

With nearly everything in the world evolving and the internet speeds increasing insanely several silver bracelets physical store owners found an opportunity to go online and sell silver bracelets there. Silver bracelets market began to grow online. Silver bracelets became more accessible to the people and hence silver lovers started buying them more often than ever because now they simply didn’t need to step out of their homes to buy their silver  bracelets and other silver ornaments, as they were now readily available in their palms. All they had to do now is place an order on the web-store portal and wait for it being delivered at their doorsteps.

Rhodium Plated pure silver bracelets for girls

In a world where pure silver bracelets were always stored with fears of turning black and rarely removed from their boxes to let them last as much as possible although it is very easy to clean them, the metal rhodium completely evolved Silver Bracelet for Girl, silver kadas for girls and all other kinds of silver jewellery. This completely floored those that understood what evolutionary change this created. While pure silver turns black when exposed under normal atmospheric conditions, rhodium does not. Rhodium is a noble metal which means it remains stable under normal atmospheric conditions. A rhodium coating on silver bracelets does not damage the purity of the silver and only enhances its properties. This allows buyers to wear them on a daily basis instead of closeting them into their jewellery boxes since the rhodium plating completely eliminates the possibility of the silver within turning black in any way.

 Adjustable Silver Bracelet for Girl

Adjustable silver bracelets came into being when several customers of physical stores complained that sometimes bracelets just did not fit them well and/or removing or wearing them was a hassle and hence several customers that wore silver bracelets in general just wore them occasionally. Adjustable Silver Bracelet for Girls were initially introduced since a cluster of people were realized to be seen as interested in the silver bracelets.

On online web-stores it tackled a completely different problem altogether. New buyers online were skeptical with sizes and hence believed they’d first rather trying getting an adjustable bracelet online and checking its quality and build. The size would fit perfectly incase one has an odd size. The internet blew its head over adjustable silver bracelets since it was created with the idea of targeting only customers that were skeptical of the right size being delivered. Instead the entire internet fell in love with these as they simply had no design compromises and ended up being a completely different product that at first solved a problem of size, but now these pure silver bracelets became a fashion statement.

Today silver bracelets for girls, silver kadas for girls and unique silver bracelet designs are sold online on silver jewellery web-stores. Since they are so easily accessible, adjustable, and rhodium plated they are basically a whole new product with the properties of the same beauty of silver minus any of its previous flaws which can now be worn on a daily basis.

How are Indian silver chains creating a world wide impression?

by on August 31st, 2019 in Fashion and Shopping

Silver chains a known to come from a long heritage in India. A history of nearly three hundred years of war has been survived by the silver chain for girl’s designs in India. At early stages where there was practically no exposure of silver chains to the artisans of Indian jewellery artists, they did what they knew. They worked with what they were left and created techniques that they could.

In the late 15th Century the Mughals conquered over India. The silver chains for girls artists noticed that the women of the Mughals wore jaw dropping ladies chains that were they had never witnessed. This made them curious and almost obsessed about getting their hands on the intricate silver chains that they hadn’t ever seen before. It is rumoured that a silver chains artist scored or stole a Mughal lady’s silver chain and the rest became history. The Mughals came from the Middle East and being Arabs had absolutely speckless designs that were customary to Arab traditions. These Arab designs of silver chains for girls stimulated the Indian silver chain artists for girls and they soon understood how they were created by reverse engineering the whole process. This opened their minds and gave them the right kind of exposure that they needed. This gave them the opportunity to explore further as India was known as the land of paradise in those days making them a highly resourceful country. Silver became easily accessible to the locals and gave them the opportunity to experiment and create as many designs as they needed in discretion.

This heavy experimentation lead to creation of designs of Indian styles and without any doubt they were a hit amongst the people. But ofcourse that lead to the Mughals growing jealous and completely shutting down businesses of silver chains for girls sales.

Silver Chains continued to fight a war where jewellery artists continuously experimented with this material and created designs and sold them discretely door to door.

The East India Company came in the 16th Century and brought about a completely different kind of influence to these existing silver chains for girls design creators. They overthrew the Mughals and reaped several resources of India and began heavy exports. One of these exported items was silver chain. But silver chain designs that were created for them were completely their kind of modern designs that yet again the silver chains for girls creators had never seen in life. This evolved their own work, and brought second completely different influence to the kind of silver chains for girls that they were already creating.

Indians have remained resilient over these many years and Indian silver chain artists to a certain extent have enjoyed this whole phase and it has kept them interested always. Today nearly everything in the world has completely change from what it was before. But traditional silver chain designs have remained nearly unchanged. Indian artists bring about slight variations in designs but the look of the ladies silver chains and the silver chains for girls nearly remains very easily identifiable as traditional.

While on the other end of the spectrum there are artists that are also creating completely western influenced silver chains for girls and are selling them online. They are also creating fusion designs by combining modern looks and traditional jhumkis. This is completely crushing the world market, and anyone that sees these earrings have always ended up ordering pair, because its not just the designs that are immaculate, its this history and the power of the heritage that it has left behind while journeying into our online web-stores like today.

It has formed its path into the online world from being scored from a Mughal lady. That is mind boggling. Who would’ve thought that the ones that were conquered for centuries will be selling beautiful silver chains for girls to the ones that exposed them to it by conquering them.

Today web-stores from India sell all kinds of silver chains designs for girls and neck chain designs of silver gold to all parts of the world. Especially the demand for online Indian traditional jewellery and Indian made silver chains in India, Australia and the Middle East has tripled since 2016, and this period right now can be considered as the pinnacle or not will always remain a question of the future.