Fashion Rings – Your way to a Girl’s Heart

fashion rings

You are entitled to create your own opinion, but I am extremely thankful that you are here to read mine. There is nothing more than a ring that can reach a girl’s heart. When a guy buys a ring for his girlfriend it almost always means a proposal. And hence giving rings to your girlfriend if you aren’t proposing can almost be cringing. There exists a possibility of a difficult conversation between you both where she might think you are proposing but all you wanted to do was gift her a casual ring. Although I understand you might want to buy your girlfriend a casual ring, it can keep your relation in a difficult spot where it can be easily misinterpreted. Fashion rings are heart melting, girls love them, but gifting even a fashion ring in person can be misinterpreted as a proposal.

But there are times when one is extremely confused or has seen a casual ring that one might think that his girlfriend would love to wear. What can one possibly do in that case?
Now there are certain ways that you can gift her a ring and still keep it casual. Thanks to the online world today, fashion rings online are available in all kinds of different designs. Online websites have designs ranging from the sleek and simple designs to designs resembling cocktail rings that are extremely elaborate and stylish. It would be upto you to carefully choose a ring design that does not come even close to being a ring that could be chosen for proposal. I know it can be a little time consuming but I am sure you can do that for her. Although there are a few websites [] that have products that are so diverse that you would find the slightest difficulty in choosing a unique fashion jewellery.
Regardless of it all, the reason behind ordering a fashion ring online is multi-fold. Let me explain:

  1. You will be eliminating any possibility of your presence, since most of the online web-stores allow you keep your billing address and your shipping address completely different. This allows you deliver the ladies fashion to her place without being there physically, which will be indicative of it not being a proposal. These web-stores are geniuses since; you will also receive a bill for that at your own place. To keep things even simpler some these web-stores also allow you to write a message which you can casually write anything non-indicative of a proposal.
  2. Fashion rings are as it is pretty inexpensive. Online fashion stores usually have discounts on heavily demanded fashion rings since they are able to cut costs due to the absence of a physical store. This allows you to further avail discounts on an already inexpensive product. Some web-stores have nearly jaw-dropping prices on fashion rings which will make your gifting options easier.
  3. To make things even clearer you can send multiple fashion rings. Sending a single fashion ring too can mislead your girlfriend and be indicative of a proposal but sending multiple fashion rings will complete eliminate any possibility of it being a proposal what-so-ever. This way you can gift her a genuine good quality fashion ring online at her doorstep without stepping out of your house and without causing and misleading signals indicating a proposal.
  4. Finally incase you are finding it difficult on narrowing in on multiple fashion ring designs for ladies, you can select other kinds of fashion jewellery that can sent along with the rings. This will help you with 3 things, one being the obvious, i.e. eliminating the possibility of a signal of proposing; two, your gifting hassles will be solved; three, your shipping charges will become free as most of these web-stores should be making the shipping charges free atleast after a reasonable minimum amount.

Ladies fashion rings have always been my life saver, and ever since been by life-boat for gift giving for the past 5 years, and I have never had to consider anything since my girl is from the fashion industry. She has multiple events and the multiple fashion rings that I gift her fulfils al her fashion ring needs for all those events. She actually appreciates me spending some time and choosing fashion rings online and sending them over to her place, although it is not that of a time consuming task and from my end it barely takes few minutes of my busy day.
I hope you found my experience helpful. Although I know it is a little vague, but us guys need to find ways of keeping things simple when needed.

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