Four Fun Ways To Style Your Sterling Silver Rings

Silver jewelry has been in fashion for ages. Sterling silver rings for women are elegant, timeless, and amazingly versatile. Whether you want to show a bold statement or want to add traditional flair to your personality, these elegant adornments will go with every outfit.

 Sterling Silver Rings

But with such versatility, you can use fun ways to style your sterling silver rings to find that perfect signature style. Try out these four fun ways-

Don’t Be Afraid To Stack!
One of the greatest ways to give your look a funky edge is stacked rings. 925 pure sterling silver rings add more style to your buck to boot. You can buy silver rings as part of a pre-stacked group but the silver rings with flat edges can be matched with others of the same type. For a chic and bold look, single stone rings can also be twisted to fit on top of each other.

Pair With Patterns!
Sterling silver rings for women is one of the masterpieces and ideal for pairing with different shapes and patterns. When you are pairing with a complex or bold pattern, it’s better to stick to simple jewelry items. A stylish and elegant silver ring will glitter together with your statement costume and grab the attention of viewers.

Mix In Your Gold Pieces!
Mixing silver and gold sounds pretty awkward but when you try this combination you will be amazed to see the charm it will add to your look. Mixing 925 pure sterling silver rings with your gold rings will give your style a fearless attitude. For extra irony, it would be perfect to stack both on your middle finger.

Wear Them In Odds And Evens!
For an ideal arrangement, keep your rings balanced across both hands. If your forefinger on your right hand is adorned, try to style your thumb, ring finger on the left hand. It also pays to be watchful of the style of rings you are wearing on each. Don’t weigh down the yourleft hand with heavy or statement pieces and leave your other hand with simpler rings.

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