Silver Rings and Gem Stones

Silver Rings

Gemstones and silver rings have always had a very close relationship. Although you can get a gold or platinum ring made with a gem stone of your choice, they are readily available in silver rings. There is reason why silver rings are more prominent with gems stones and not other precious materials. Silver has healing properties itself, just like gem stones. Silver rings have this soothing cool surface that helps us relieve in times of anxiety. Silver is also an anti-bacterial and hence silver rings are not at all harmful to the skin. They ward off any harmful substances in the atmosphere by reacting with them and turning black. Silver rings are a hence mostly paired with gemstones since different gemstones have different kinds of mind and soul healing properties. I am mentioning some of my favourite ones, although there are atleast 80+ gemstones with all kinds of healing properties that are all paired with silver rings and are all available online today.

The Aquamarine Gemstone
The beauty of the aquamarine is a very evening sky blue coloured light reflective stone almost like diamond. When paired with a pure sterling silver ring for women or men, these stones are meant for those that are dealing with anger issues. In my childhood my sister had severe anger issues, and my mother had made her to wear an aquamarine gemstone silver ring. This within a small span of time started to bring changes in her persona. It made her a much calmer and cooler person. It made her aware of her state of mind, and channelized her energy in the right way helping her heal her mindless anger issues. Anger management is hence a very real thing, as some people find it extremely difficult to control anger and need help of such silver rings.

The Petrified Wood Gemstone
We all have a history with family. But some of us have a truly difficult one. Maybe our parents got divorced, or dad was mean to us, or probably our parents just left us in an orphanage, or maybe they were doing drugs, or one of the other several reasons that could damage our mind and engrave a scar so deep that it still bleeds into our life even today. Petrified wood, an archaic fossil of a tree is a living example of its beautiful existence after going through so much for millions of years. Usually in these difficult times, one generally feels alone, and that they have suffered way too much than that of most, and the petrified wood on a silver ring reminds us, that we aren’t alone, and that we can still have a beautiful life regardless of what has happened since we have one life, and living it away thinking about our past isn’t going to get us anywhere.
It helps us to confront ourselves in a slow and gradual manner until we healthily let go those grudges and hurts.

The Jasper Gemstone
A very earthy stone, when polished and placed on a silver ring, it makes us want to stay connected with earth. Jasper is although found in various parts of the world, it is most prominently found in the United States of America in the State of Oregon, Arizona and Idaho where the rocky orange cliffs contain a lot of jasper. Jasper keeps you empathic towards nature, and makes you a sensitive but strong person that respects nature and also knows how to survive its storms.

The Golden Obsidian Gemstone
When the volcanic lava rapidly cools down, that what forms obsidian. In some regions due to the kinds of minerals present there, during its downward flow it carries certain minerals that turn it golden, and hence that form golden obsidian after rapidly cooling down. The gold obsidian gemstone on a pure sterling silver ring gives you ability like none other. It gives you the calm soothing properties of silver rings along with the strength to drive yourself to success.

The Turquoise Gemstone
As soon as you look at the turquoise gemstone it instantly reminds of fresh water island beaches and gives you an internal breeze of calmness. Turquoise brings you closer to reality and makes you aware of reality making you more honest to yourself and to others. In Osho’s words:
“So long ago I took a shortcut and now I can’t remember where I left the honesty…”

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