Fashion earrings for LGBT – A Story of coming out of that closet!

by on October 4th, 2019 in Fashion and Shopping

Hey there! Yes you are exactly for whom I am writing this article for! Let’s celebrate the fact that you were able to come out of that closet in a country like India. Look honestly I had no clue who were too. I am not going to share my gender identity with you but will surely tell you that I was a bi-curious for way too many years, when I was finally able to discern what I love it was because of fashion earrings. And you know exactly how it feels to be able to tell your parents, that they mom and dad thats who I am!

fashion earrings

This is my story of 1973 of how I came out of that closet and how a pair of fashion earrings that I bought online made it absolutely easy for me. The truth is I always felt like I wasn’t a part of anything. I actually liked a girl in my school who was so beautiful and all I remember about her were her colourful fashion earrings. Its actually pretty crazy that how big a mark her colourful fashion earrings left on me. The thing was I was confused because I liked staring at a guy at my bus stop while the girl from my school would wear these beautiful rainbow fashion earrings at the same tuition classes that we went for. I was in a very weird place where dressing like that girl didn’t agree with and at same time i genuinely liked the guy from the bus stop. Life moved from high school to university. I still remained closeted. By now I knew I wasn’t straight. It was the year 1977 now, and 4 years down the line I still remembered the girl who had beautiful colourful fashion earrings or maybe they were some artificial fashion earrings, memories had nearly completely faded about her, but the most important things about her were to stay with me for the rest of my life, while the guy from the bus stand had a smile which you’d end up creating a yard stick of and compare with other smiles (i know that’s not right but come on we all do that.)

Year 1977, my parents were in San Francisco and I was being raised in India, now becoming a place of total aliens to me who called me words like “you’re not a girl, you’re a guy! You were born wrong! Etc”. I took it all, and some how started inclining towards art and started creating the colourful fashion earrings on several canvases. The memory of the shape of those earrings was completely gone by now, and the only element that actually stayed with me was the fact that they were colours that were so different from each other, but were all so at peace with each other nearly respecting while staying together. I don’t why I connected with that, but I soon found out why.

I think my dad had sensed to a certain extent that I was gay. The colourful fashion earrings or I dont know what were they, maybe colourful artificial earrings had now just turned into colours. I found out that they just made me feel alive. At times I spoke to those colours. I cried with them, I put my head into my art and slept into them. I felt like they understood me. The memory of the guy at the bus stand still lingered but the colours of the fashion earrings had just over powered it a little right now, since I had turned a teenager and was at my peak high with emotions, and was actually going through enough trying to discover my gender while others just saying mean things to me.

My dad emailed me a picture that he had shot in the subsequent year of art created by a now world famous artist named Gilbert Baker. The picture had a rainbow of different colours painted inside a human silhouette. I cried that they because I knew what it meant without knowing what it meant.

I went to my nearest accessory store and found a colourful pair of fashion earrings, bought them, created a FedEx package and mailed them to my dad. After a month and a half I received a letter from him saying, i am so proud of you, and i will always love you and that’s how I came out of  that closet! I know you might have a much harder time coming out of that closet but this is how it happened for me and that’s all thanks to a pair of fashion earrings.

This what I think, there maybe a different reason to why I was actually attracted to that pair of fashion earrings. Maybe it wasn’t the fashion earrings; maybe it was the colour of the fashion earrings that just brought me back again and again to it. It is truly strange how I connected with the fashion earrings unknowingly and what it meant to me later on in life.