How are Indian silver chains creating a world wide impression?

by on August 31st, 2019 in Fashion and Shopping

Silver chains a known to come from a long heritage in India. A history of nearly three hundred years of war has been survived by the silver chain for girl’s designs in India. At early stages where there was practically no exposure of silver chains to the artisans of Indian jewellery artists, they did what they knew. They worked with what they were left and created techniques that they could.

In the late 15th Century the Mughals conquered over India. The silver chains for girls artists noticed that the women of the Mughals wore jaw dropping ladies chains that were they had never witnessed. This made them curious and almost obsessed about getting their hands on the intricate silver chains that they hadn’t ever seen before. It is rumoured that a silver chains artist scored or stole a Mughal lady’s silver chain and the rest became history. The Mughals came from the Middle East and being Arabs had absolutely speckless designs that were customary to Arab traditions. These Arab designs of silver chains for girls stimulated the Indian silver chain artists for girls and they soon understood how they were created by reverse engineering the whole process. This opened their minds and gave them the right kind of exposure that they needed. This gave them the opportunity to explore further as India was known as the land of paradise in those days making them a highly resourceful country. Silver became easily accessible to the locals and gave them the opportunity to experiment and create as many designs as they needed in discretion.

This heavy experimentation lead to creation of designs of Indian styles and without any doubt they were a hit amongst the people. But ofcourse that lead to the Mughals growing jealous and completely shutting down businesses of silver chains for girls sales.

Silver Chains continued to fight a war where jewellery artists continuously experimented with this material and created designs and sold them discretely door to door.

The East India Company came in the 16th Century and brought about a completely different kind of influence to these existing silver chains for girls design creators. They overthrew the Mughals and reaped several resources of India and began heavy exports. One of these exported items was silver chain. But silver chain designs that were created for them were completely their kind of modern designs that yet again the silver chains for girls creators had never seen in life. This evolved their own work, and brought second completely different influence to the kind of silver chains for girls that they were already creating.

Indians have remained resilient over these many years and Indian silver chain artists to a certain extent have enjoyed this whole phase and it has kept them interested always. Today nearly everything in the world has completely change from what it was before. But traditional silver chain designs have remained nearly unchanged. Indian artists bring about slight variations in designs but the look of the ladies silver chains and the silver chains for girls nearly remains very easily identifiable as traditional.

While on the other end of the spectrum there are artists that are also creating completely western influenced silver chains for girls and are selling them online. They are also creating fusion designs by combining modern looks and traditional jhumkis. This is completely crushing the world market, and anyone that sees these earrings have always ended up ordering pair, because its not just the designs that are immaculate, its this history and the power of the heritage that it has left behind while journeying into our online web-stores like today.

It has formed its path into the online world from being scored from a Mughal lady. That is mind boggling. Who would’ve thought that the ones that were conquered for centuries will be selling beautiful silver chains for girls to the ones that exposed them to it by conquering them.

Today web-stores from India sell all kinds of silver chains designs for girls and neck chain designs of silver gold to all parts of the world. Especially the demand for online Indian traditional jewellery and Indian made silver chains in India, Australia and the Middle East has tripled since 2016, and this period right now can be considered as the pinnacle or not will always remain a question of the future.