Silver Anklet – How is it different to buy it online?

by on September 7th, 2019 in Fashion and Shopping

Silver anklets have been sold at your nearest accessories store for as long as you know. Today not just these stores by several other jewellery brands have gotten their web-stores online up and running are making a run towards the online world and selling silver anklet designs and silver payal designs for bride. This brings about a poles apart experience from going to a physical store, trying your silver anklets or silver payal designs with price in the store to visiting a web-store from within the palm of your hands and purchasing it while you are on the go or relaxing in the comfort of yourblanket.

Silver anklets

Various designs

An online web-store will always have much more designs than that of a physical store. Well not necessarily, it completely depends on the inventory. But certainly there is a possibility that one may have a better chance at deferring risk in terms of an online web-store. The physical store keeper will certainly have buy all the silver anklets and silver payal designs that he is showing to his customers to make a sale.

Price difference

This is the most obvious. Imagine the amount that it takes to first setting up a physical store for selling silver anklets and silver payal designs for brides with their price. Now imagine how much you can cut down on costs if you are setting up an online business.

All the cut down costs can easily bring profit margins up. A percentage of this profit is always transferred to customers either as offers or as flat discounts. This attracts more customers hence a majority percentage of opportunity cost is re-invested as marketing costs and given back to customers in form of discounts. This gives you the edge for being competitive.

What is the convenience difference?

There is a difference almost equivalent to the difference between sky and ground. Imagine fighting the traffic for hours and hours on your weekend and visiting a web-store ruining your only well deserved weekend that came after working diligently for 6 days of the week making it almost impossible to rest all week. And now finally when the weekend has arrived, well its ruined because you need to buy some silver anklets or silver payals. Weekends are meant to distress you and prepare you for the next weekend. This is exactly what you get with a web-store when you get online and place an order on your favourite silver anklets and silver payal designs for brides or even for anything else.

Social circles

Ofcourse this is something that would never be possible if you actually took your friend to shop with you. Sharing each and every silver anklet or silver payal design over WhatsApp can be sometimes difficult because there’ s sometimes this unspoken pressure when the sales guy is standing there waiting for you take a call whether you need the silver anklet or silver payal or not. If you have a smartphone, web-stores like provide facilities like sharing against each product where you can easily send from anywhere any product on their web-store and ask for an advise from your friends or family for a lot of products and they can too send it at a convenient time. Because it isn’t always that you have need an immediate response do you?


No silver anklet or silver payal physical store will ever deliver you jewels to your doorstep. But guess what most web-stores do. Just think! The only two things that you’d ever have to do are place an order online and wait for those beautiful anklets to be delivered.

Personal Touch

Ofcourse this is something that most web-stores simply don’t provide and that is the personal touch. One can’t simply touch the anklets or payals before he or she buys one. For this some web-stores give a 15 days return policy which keeps customers relaxed about the fact that if they don’t like it they could return it and exchange it for a different one. This completely relaxes most customers that truly intend to shop a lot of anklets online. There are very less web-stores that provide this kind of a service and hence SilverShine is truly one of a kind.