What is the True Potential of Silver Toe Rings?

by on September 13th, 2019 in Fashion and Shopping

Toe rings are for the foot fetish. Toe rings are for the ones that find intimacy in feet.” That is so not true. Yes those that have a foot fetish love toe rings. But it does not mean that only those love silver toe rings.

Today there are numerous people that wear toe rings, and it is an accessory just like anything else. You really don’t need to have a foot fetish to wear or appreciate one. As a human any one can truly appreciate silver toe rings. But somewhere it has always been a very under-rated product and I am writing this blog with the intention to create a little bit of awareness of silver toe rings.

Silver toe rings online were once popular in the streets of India, and are today popular all over the world. Today several Indian silver toe ring sellers have managed to create quality web-stores and sell designs online outside India. Indian silver Toe rings online are far more appreciated in countries like the USA as compared to our home ground.

Silver toe rings have alot of potential and I am going to lay it down infront of your to understand that the perception of silver toe rings that you have in mind may be very limited as I have been researching about silver toe rings for the month now and I have managed to gather some of the most popular designs of silver toe rings online. I truly never knew that silver toe rings could actually have this much potential. Please keep reading...

Single Solitaire Diamond Silver Toe Ring

These are some of the most beautifully intimate designs of the entire lot. Single diamond toe rings are extremely gorgeous, nearly as beautiful as pretty engagement rings for girls. They look very charming and is a foot fetisher favourite although it is very appreciable even by those that aren’t that much into feet.

Oxidized silver toe rings

These beautiful silver toe rings are one of the oldest designs. I included these in this list incase you were aware that these are one of most highly purchase silver toe rings online today. From fashion enthusiasts and models to fashion designers and common people are wearing these kinds of oxidized silver toe rings bought online.

Gemstone silver toe rings online

I didn’t know this was a thing. But apparently it is. Yes, just like you have rings that are made of gemstones for cleansing your aura and other thing, you have gemstone silver toe rings that could be bought online. These beautiful silver toe rings have recently gained popularity in movies and web-series.

Rose gold silver toe rings.

Ever since Steve Jobbs introduced the rare rose gold iPhone 6S into the Apple ecosystem the internet completely blew its minds over the colour rose gold. All kinds of things began to be created in the same colour. Positive memes began to flow in about the colour rose gold and the internet completely got flooded with memes about the rose gold colour. Most women began to order all kinds of rose gold jewellery online and suddenly there I saw a silver rose gold toe ring online on silvershinejewellery.com, and damn, it looked flawless.

My wife and I chose some toe rings online that night and ended up ordering a several designs because she loves wearing silver toe rings and love removing them, if you know what I mean.

There is a completely different attraction in removing toe rings. It is very satisfying.

Anyways, you can easily buy rose gold silver toe rings online without any hesitance by visiting silvershinejewellery.com or any other web-store for that matter.

The true potential of silver toe ring designs online lies in the simplicity and beauty that they enhance of mundane feet. A clean foot that has undergone a good pedicure treatment looks absolutely speckless with a pure silver toe ring on. Pure silver toe rings online have a lot of potential and are truly making strides in coutries like USA and Australia where jewellery created by Indan ethnic artist is highly appreciated.

How did toe rings become popular in the USA?

by on September 2nd, 2019 in Fashion and Shopping

Toe rings have a long heritage in India. It has been known for several decades that toe rings grew popularity in India by the Indian culture. They grew more popular after the Kamasutra movie which introduced a lot of scenes of the feet to signify intimacy. The feet were well dressed in henna and toe rings. This nearly instantly grew popularity in the Indian culture for silver toe rings.

silver toe rings online
silver toe rings online

Also in Northern Indian it has been ancient culture that a married woman is supposed to wear a toe ring in the feet as a sign of commitment towards her husband. Incase a woman loses her husband and for some reason he dies then in that case the lady will have to remove her silver toe rings and burn them in fire to purify herself. Ofcourse these are age old norms that most don’t follow today. But there are people in villages that still take such customs and norms very seriously and preach them on a daily basis.

For the most part India has completely changed today with the advent of high speed internet by Jio in the year 2016, some of the most remote places have managed to gain access to the internet. While in the urban cities jewellers began to open web-stores online which grew the popularity of silver toe rings by large strides. And now several Indian silver toe ring web-stores are going completely global and are introducing toe rings to those that have not the slightest idea about it. It may take some time to accept or even try them out, but I am just happy that the foot fetishes are going to completely adore silver toe rings online.

The online world has completely changed the whole game of silver toe rings. Today a person sitting in America can easily access silver toe rings are that being made in an urban city inside a house by women. Yes it is that global.

So how did toe rings become popular in America...well the answer to that is Bollywood, although the above made silver toe rings online more accessible in the USA. Accessibility grew its popularity yet again, and the several kinds of designs and innovations like free size toe rings, etc have completely blown minds of the USA over pure silver toe rings online.

Today actors in broadway shows in New York, brides in USA, dancers at LA, Drag queens at LA are wearing toe rings from India. As an Indian i couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a drag queen in North Las Vegas performing wearing a toe ring and I was completely shocked. After her performance I insisted on meeting her in person and luckily she liked me because I was an Indian. I ended up asking her where did she get that toe ring. She said, “ Oh I got this fabulous baby of an Indian jewellery website”, so obviously i was going to ask her which website it was. She said it was silvershinejewellery.us. She said “these were actually toe rings for girls probably just created for them, but the internet doesn’t care who wears them right. I am a transgender drag queen so what!”. Well she was a very beautiful person, and I ended up telling her most of the things that i have till now written in this blog about silver toe rings for girls onine. She patiently heard. We connected well, and left the conversation to that. But what I carried with me was an understanding that how far it may be, may the world know about our heritage or not, but they certainly do end up falling in love with the designs of our toe rings online.

They appreciate and understand that it is difficult to design and create impeccable handcrafted toe rings and then sell them online and ship them globablly. The particular web-store that she mentioned has recently opened a US based and provides beautiful pure silver toe ring designs online. Absolutely impeccable collections they have. I will always cherish this fact that our Indians are going global and will always remember that I actually met a drag queen in LA having a show worth millions of dollars wearing a silver toe ring bought online, that is created by a villager in India.